Thursday, 1 July 2010

More up the wall
So long since my last post ... woops!
Isn't this fab?
It's a handmade papercut card all the way from the gorgeous Emily in Wales. Thanks so much, Em! I love it - now I'll have to send you one back ...!
:: Last week, I was in Albany, visiting my parents and looking after my brother, who had surgery in the town's crowded and ancient hospital.
This week, I've been working full-time, and loving it. The sub-editor was away, so I was him for this last issue.
From next Monday I'll be the actual editor for a month and a bit while Sir is away. Yay!
:: Everyone seems on the move lately. One of our reporters has moved to New York. The sub-editor was in Bali this week. Sir will be in Italy and Greece from Saturday. My cousins in the UK have been to Turkey for their holidays. M is in Paris; Laura has been to the Red Centre and Sydney. David's brother and his family have been in France and Belgium for two months and now are in the US. Lily and Nick are off to Seattle and New York next month. Will's planning a trip to California.
But I'm happy with winter in Perth. My feet are only ever so slightly itchy ...
:: I'll be back up the wall tomorrow with my gorgeous best friend Maggie. Here's a hurried pic of how my mural is looking ...
... but it still has a way to go.


M said...

M is definitely loving being in Paris!

Love your mural. You are so multi-talented across the creative stream.

Laura Jane said...

hi Les! Just a quick hello from the NT. I can scarcely believe I am here, ME in Alice Springs. Its surreal.

The mural is looking great i can see the change from when I left.

See you next week x

Mousy Brown said...

Thanks Lesley - glad you liked it! I love the look of your mural - can't wait to see how it turns out. Looks like a whole lot of fun to do, is it relaxing? x

Anonymous said...

Wow to the paper cut and double wow to the mural!