Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A letter
Last night, and before I went to work this morning, I had the entire house in uproar because I couldn't find my slippers, and I hate, hate, hate going barefoot.
Then, at work in Sir's office, dealing with the 32,735 emails he gets, I read this:

The Editor
Post Newspapers

Dear sir/madam

I have a story I believe will be of great interest to your readers. I have taken the liberty of sending it as complete copy:

Gorgeous husband finds lost items

Lesley Zampatti of Menora is in for a pleasant surprise when she returns home from work today.

In her absence, her dashing yet diligent husband, David, has located her slippers and dressing-gown behind their bedroom door, where she had neglectfully discarded them.

Mr Zampatti refused to be drawn into criticism of his wife, saying only that she was “easily distracted these days” and should “up the dose”.
He dismissed suggestions of a reward, claiming that his wife’s happiness was all he ever asks for.


I can send photos of the items, including one involving the family pet, Yoshi (who was obviously pleased and excited to see the slippers again), if required.

Best wishes,



Barbara said...

Similar to losing glasses and therefore not being able to think, I believe?!

Anonymous said...

Luckily a journalist doesn't have to reveal their sources...

DrChopSuey said...

I'm in the middle of a long and boring lab group meeting and this brought a huge smile to my face. :)

Laura Jane said...

I DARE ya to put it in the listening post!

That David is a wag...

Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous! Laughing now as I type, that David gentleman sounds a complete godsend.
Shelley and Iman.

Janice said...


I love being barefoot though.

Jennifer said...

That WAS the right man to marry! Hope you keep that one for the family scrapbook.

Also nice to know someone else prefers to have something on her feet; I, too, do not go barefoot willingly (although my perpetual habit of also always wearing socks means I have the most ridiculous tan lines on my legs...).

Rattling On said...

In our house it's the Mister who loses everything. Passports, laptops, mobile phones...you name it, it's been left in a trail around the world. Occasionally someone nice will return something, but not very often. I like my slippers as well!

Rattling On said...

PS It looks really weird to see my comment dated the 17th- it's still tea time on the 16th here!

M said...

He writes good copy!