Sunday, 21 December 2008

Blizzard We had a call from Lily this afternoon. She was in Seattle, after what she described as a scary drive from Olympia in the snow.
She was about to head back to Olympia, which has already had more than twice the annual average snowfall, with more expected. Hope they won't lose their power at their house as more storms hit.

Seattle and most of the Pacific North-West are in the icy grip of a 'storm of the century'. So Lily and Grace will definitely postpone their drive down to San Diego, and if the weather doesn't break soon, they may not even make it home in time for Christmas.
It may be that on Monday they'll feel confident about starting off. We'll see. For the moment — down here in sunny but chilly San Diego — we're keeping our fingers crossed.

:: The pic is of Lily being intrepid at Crater Lake in beautiful Oregon, the winter before last. It's about five hours south of where she lives. (Click it for a bigger pic.)


Natalie said...

Beatiful place, beautiful daughter.
I hope the way clears for them to come to you for Christmas.

M said...

Yes, crazy drivers (others, not Lily) and snow storms definitely don't mix.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly send ten of our degrees to you.

I hope she gets home to you safely for Christmas.

Suburbia said...

Lovely to meet you! Thanks for de-lurking at mine!!

What a beautiful place :)

Fairlie said...

Keeping fingers-crossed that Lily makes it to San Diego by Christmas.

Jennifer said...

I hope Lily made it home, or else was safely waiting to make it for a repeat-performance of the celebrations, and that you're enjoying the friends and family all around--

Natalie said...

Like Jennifer, I came by hoping to read good news... hopefully all were happy and safe however things worked.