Saturday, 6 December 2008

Flashback FridayJen always does a Flashback Friday post, and this week M has done one, too.
I normally just read these, because all my family photos and family memorabilia are back in Australia under lock and key.
But today, M was talking about the eighties and I remembered I had my wedding photos here!Here we are, in April 1983, in the backyard of Dave's old family bungalow in Dalkeith. I had a jawline and didn't wear glasses except to read. That little tacker peering over the edge of the picture is my son, Simon, who was six, and just a few days earlier he'd got himself ready for the big day by cutting his own hair!
Of all our friends, we were pretty nearly the first to get married at home, in a civil ceremony with a registrar.
Dave was working in rock and roll then, so a couple of his beefy roadies came by and rigged up some very flattering pink spotties in the jacaranda to shine on us so we looked gorgeous while we were taking our vows.
As soon as we were wed, the skies opened and it absolutely bucketed down, so everyone fled into the marquee. And as my mate Dace said, according to the Latvians (she's one), rain is good luck on your wedding day!
I was never one for the most extreme fashions of the eighties, though there are obviously a sturdy pair of shoulder pads in my lovely silk chiffon dress by George Gross. The hat was made for me by one of the lovely Kailis women, who owned the store where I bought the dress. Roxy in King Street. I had Mum's pearls on and my grandmother's old gold watch.
We had a fab day — we had a harp and flute playing during dinner, and , when the party started, a jazz band.
There was one major drawback to having the wedding at home, though — during the afternoon, my sports-mad in-laws, en masse, disappeared into the TV room to watch Robert De Castella run in the Rotterdam Marathon.
Which, like an awful lot of the marathons he ran, he lost.
I still have my dress — in fact, my hat is here — and Dave still has his suit. Though these days, Will has claimed the wedding suit jacket and waistcoat for himself:


M said...

Don't you look fabulous! I remember Roxy in King St - I had a friend who worked there in the mid-80s and bought many an outfit and accessory there myself over the years.

Gosh I think we should do a wedding flashback Friday!

rhubarbwhine said...

Ooooh, how glam do you look! I jumped on the bandwagon too, you have inspired me.

pinkfairygran said...

How beautiful and elegant you look.. oh to have a neck like that, and only ONE chin, again!! Well, I never had the neck, but the one chin I seem to remember.

You look like someone out of a film, not someone in particular, it just looks likes a film scene with you the glamorous star.

Jennifer said...

Oh how incredible you all look! What glamour, even at home! I'm so glad you were inspired to share these; it really is like seeing into the storybook of your life.