Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wintry loveliesWinter here means crisp blue skies, hummingbirds, sunshine, and strelitzia. Lovely!
:: I don't rave about it enough, but here's a completely irrelevant shot of part of the interior of our San Diego restaurant, the Bondi, so you can see how absolutely bloody gorgeous it is! Proudly Australian, with jarrah and steel and Sydney bluestone and iron-ore rock. You beauty!
:: David is making a very big deal of the fact that on the FedEx website he can track the journey of the Christmas present he has bought for me.
It started its journey in Kunshan, in China, at 7.23pm last Saturday and went from there to Subic Bay in the Philippines, then to Anchorage Alaska.
And right now he's chortling as he tells me that it left Anchorage last night.
What can it be? He's still laughing ... (he's getting three pairs of socks from me). (And some very daggy, saggy, baggy Y-fronts.)
:: I ought to be doing housework. But then, why is this so? And why is this so for me and not for David? Hmmm?
I'm going to quilt instead. So ya boo sucks to Mr Dyson (have I ever told you how much I loathe my Dyson vacuum cleaner?).
:: I've posted lots and lots of family pics on my facebook page, and you can have a look — even if you are not a facebook frequenter by clicking on this link— and then clicking on each of the photos to read the captions. Only if you're interested, though!


rhubarbwhine said...

Ho odd to read of winter written by an aussie when it's 36 degrees here today... Love strelitzia, they remind me of my grandmother.

peppermintpatcher said...

Winter... that's wrong at this time of year.

Socks and jocks are the classic Christmas combination.

M said...

The Bondi looks fab! So does winter in SD.