Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Everybody's doing itBlogland is full of clever people making coasters, so, inspired, I thought I'd get on the bandwagon and rustle up a few for some friends.I used some of the reds I've put aside for my Big Red quilt — recognise that little-schoolhouse fabric, Laura?
:: I've been baking as well as making — ginger cake and cheesy bickies, all baked, packed and frozen ready for when the troops arrive. Lily and her mates should arrive on the weekend, and Dace, Max and Halina get in at LAX on Monday.
:: We had the carpets cleaned yesterday (our rented house has white carpet from the stairs up — can you imagine anything so ridiculous?), and in order to ensure a thorough job, Will emptied his bedroom.
He found 43 socks in his room. Not all of them dirty.
From those 43, once the yucky ones had been laundered, we made a measly six pairs.
Where can all the odd ones have gone?


Frogdancer said...

The odd socks are probably being used as coaster stuffing.

Or maybe not. They look lovely!

Pondside said...

Hi Lesley - nice to have a visit here. It sounds like you're living life at top speed - loved reading some of your past posts.
I'm glad you loved the Island. It's the best place I've every lived and, believe me, I'm not moving off this rock! It's funny to think of you, from Australia, via San Diego visiting little Cobble Hill. You'd have gone right past our road as you drove along the Trans Canada.
I'll be back!

M said...

I love those reds.

43 socks? Amazing. Although with teenage boys, possibly not so amazing.

Natalie said...

I hardly got a chance to comment on missing socks and your amazing reds, when a dear package showed up on our doorstep. You filled us up with Christmas cheer! Thank you!