Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bag day
It's a bag day. And I have new goodies to play with.
To begin with, there are some gorgeous coloured papers to inspire lighter, brighter things on papercutting days.
I'm kind of extending myself into the territory between papercutting and bag-making here — fingers crossed — by attempting to design and block-print my own fabric from which to make bags.
So I have got out the blocks of printing rubber that I brought back with me from San Diego, for just such a time. And I've bought fabric paints.
And, spooky cosmic coincidence: on Sunday, (elder son) Simon called by with a bag of stuff he found in his shed that he thought I'd be needing, including my right-angle clamp and my old brayer, the roller I'd used years and years ago to make early lino-prints from a clip-art rocking horse.
Some of you may remember getting these as Chrissie cards about 15 years ago!
Okay, I'm all set to start. Just doodling, getting ready to make my block, while I wait for a load of fabric that I've washed and stuffed in the dryer, then I'll be off.
I may be some time ...

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peppermintpatcher said...

I love lino prints. You are having such a crafty time!