Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yoo hoo and yee ha
There I was, working assiduously, trying to design an all-over birdy pattern, when Mum rang to tell me that Edith, one of the lovely ladies in their village, was very impressed by the papercut picture I gave Mum for her 80th birthday a couple of weeks, ago. And would I please ring her, straight away.
My first sale! I have to make one the same size as Mum's, but slightly different. Edith would like flowers, perhaps.
I am just thrilled!
:: The day had started sadly, with a phone call this morning from the quarantine station in New South Wales informing me that Nipper's ashes were — finally — on their way to me.
Good dog. Coming home.


Karen said...

Oh Les. I have shed a little tear for Nipper. Good dog.

Laura Jane said...

I'm so glad Nipper will come home at last where he belongs.

Lets have a doggy-day for him.

ANd Woo-hoo on the commission!

M said...

Ashes. So Sad. At least Nipper is coming home.

Great news on the sale!