Friday, 25 September 2009

Ninety-eight per cent finished
I'm meeting a few of my best friends for lunch tomorrow, and I want to have this one ready to give Shelley.
I asked Will to get me some fresh X-acto knife blades from the art store near his TAFE college and he mistakenly bought ones for surgical scalpels. Having run out of X-acto blades, I tried the surgical ones and wow! They are fantastic — super-sharp and a teensy bit flexible. Big discovery.
This picture will just need a few lines to be smoothed out here and there, and there are one or two little breaks that I'll be able to fix invisibly.
Next project is a papercutting for a wedding present, and some Christmas cards, which I'll get printed.


peppermintpatcher said...

So, so lovely! Very fine work.

M said...

You must have the steadiest hands! My hands are shaking and wobbling just thinking about that work.

Natalie said...

They are pretty. Very pretty. I do wonder about the steady hands... maybe something for me to try after the four year old is asleep.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited .. looks wonderful

victoria said...

Bravo! I'm loving watching you develop these new designs. Cool about the new blade discovery too.