Friday, 11 September 2009

One and three quarters
I've almost finished cutting Edith's flowery bowery, and Marnie's birdie is now all ready and framed for her birthday tomorrow.
I did ... ahem ... leave the framing until the very last possible moment, and I was so fricking sure that the exclusive Swedish design boutique where I went to buy the frame had the perfect-sized square one.
But no. But this one was the next best.
:: It was a rainy old windy old drive out to Little Sweden — does anybody else drive with men at the wheel who are utterly reluctant to put on the windscreen wipers until the last possible moment? David waits until the view through the windscreen is an entirely sodden, dripping blur and I am just about cross-eyed in the passenger seat. And even then, with torrential rain drumming on the roof, he'll use the intermittent cycle.
What is it with the wipers?


Anonymous said...

I hust love the bird cut-out. So lovely! As for husbands and windscreen wipers... we have to be underwater before my Pete turns them on!

Anonymous said...

Wayne has them going full tilt in the rain ...BUT... then doesn't turn them off when the rain stops and they screech over the windscreen with everybody complaining

M said...

Hubby's car has automatic wipers so I couldn't tell you. BUT, mine doesn't and I admit to free and easy use of wipers without concern for the excessive use of wiper rubber! I'm in the window screecher category for sure.

Anonymous said...

You know, I am going to have to watch that wiper thing and get back to you. I have never taken any notice!

victoria said...

yay! Looks great in that shaped frame I reckon. Flowery one looking lovely lovely lovely.