Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I've finished the mother-wren for Marnie's birthday. It just needs mounting and framing ready for the weekend party.
After all the deliberations about the border, I decided on simple leaves. And in the bird's breast is an image of her two little ones in the nest!
Today, I started the flowery pic for Edith at Mum and Dad's village.
I can work on it for two to three hours then I need to get up and move about, so Yoshi's getting lots of walkies in the park between sessions.


Laura Jane said...


They will both love them....I especailly love Marnie's!

Suzy Taylor, London, UK said...

This is lovely Lesley! Have you considered trying one sided paper, so that you can draw in pencil on the white side - just a thought. Really great though. I love the wren picture too! Suzy x