Monday, 31 August 2009

Bag #1
I didn't mean this one to be anything more than an experiment. I wanted to try metallic thread and play around with my sewing machine tension. So I just started playing on a piece of old felt, doing zig-zags and applique with some squares cut from a fabric selvedge.
But then I thought I might as well finish it.
It's just a bit bigger than a paperback book; the sort of bag you'd take with you if you were going out for the night and wanted a small bag with just enough room for your mobile phone, keys, lipstick and cash.
The front's made from bits and pieces from things like a Thai cushion and an old kimono, and the back panel is just one rectangle of black silk from the lining of an old obi.
I lined it with two pieces of cotton from my stash, and put in a phone pocket on one side:

and a zippered pocket on the other.

The pocket lining is weird, huh? I like my zippered pockets to have a little surprise inside, as you can tell from this one:
When it was finished, I showed it to Will (my style counsel) who examined it closely and didn't like it at all. The felt was cheap-looking, the machine embroidery too irregular, the silver metallic thread too sparkly, the whole thing too wonky. Sigh ... he's right! But he liked the inside. And: "You've made better, Mum. Much better."
I enjoyed playing around with it, though, and making it has given me lots of ideas for bag #2 and #3.
Papercut today.
:: Just bragging. I got 140 points for this word, 'bleaters', in Scrabble (the facebook app one)!
Two triples and a seven-letter bingo with a 50-point bonus! However, my opponent, Yagya, from India, is still beating me in this game. She is GOOD!


rhubarbwhine said...

Oooh! And that bag is coming to live at my house - when? ;)

Frogdancer said...

That bag is better than I could make... and that skull is fantastic. You have such an eye for detail.

Laura Jane said...

I LOVE the bag Les!

I love the patchy edgy front, and the linings look great too. I must try some of it myself!

And 140 on a single word? I'm lucky to get that in a whole actual game! There's a reason why I don't play Scrabble online....

Laura Jane said...

NOW I remember the word I was looking for to descibe the front of the bag - its like Seminole work.

I Like it!

peppermintpatcher said...

Please understand when I say the scrabble impresses me the most in the post. 140 in one word! I'm glad you got evidence of your glory.