Tuesday, 11 August 2009

In stitches
My best mate Jane invited me over to play with her and her brand-new quilting machine today.
Oh yay!
We had hours of fun quilting a cute little lap quilt that Jane had made earlier. I even had a go — very exciting!
Jane is a fantastic softie-maker
and a fab quilter, and has a confident eye when it comes to colour and design.
I love that she uses chenille in some of them — so homely and comforting.
All her quilts — which she keeps one on top of the other on the bed in a spare room — are absolutely gorgeous, and she has over 20 of them. I tell her she should sell them or at least show them, but she's way too modest.
So far, they've all been quilted in the ditch, or close to the borders of the component pieces, but now she can go mad!
I was amazed at how easy her new machine makes it to stipple quilt, which is something I simply cannot get my head and hands round when I'm using my own machine at home.
Jane also has this beautiful old wedding ring quilt, made probably in the 1930s. I love its gentle muted colours and red ties.
I've brought it home with me to restore, as some of the pieces are disintegrating.
I can't wait to get started — this is the sort of project that I really love.
:: That note I've added about the V&A quilt show over there on the right is a link to a fascinating blog all about this huge show that will be on from next March. Take a look!

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peppermintpatcher said...

Beautiful old quilt. It looks like it has many stories to tell.