Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Time for another papercut, this time for my daughter-in-law, who has a big birthday approaching and — as I may, ahem, have already mentioned — is also pregnant (again with the yay!).
I love to draw, but designing is not my forte, and this poor little wren was subject to a lot of rubbing out and fiddling about.
Too finicky? With all that vegetation in her beak? It must weigh more than the bird does — and the border's getting a bit OTT ...

And what should I put in the strange heart shape? Does it need anything at all? Why not just the heart shape?
Would the composition be better if the M was on the other side?
Could the bird hold Marnie's name in her beak?
Ugh — looks like she's eating a worm!
Time to stop faffing about and just start cutting, I think.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing this one in paper!

Fairlie said...

Oh me too... (looking forward to it, I mean).

WV = queepil...which I imagine is the sound that kind of bird makes?