Friday, 21 August 2009

Onya, Barney!
Do you hate it when I post videos?
The following is an exchange between Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, a Democrat and staunch advocate for human rights, and a young woman at a town-hall meeting who compares President Obama to Hitler because he wants to reform health care.

A lot of American people are terrified that universal health care, run by the government for the people, is Socialism writ large, and a goose-step on the slippery slide into Communism.
There are a lot of American people who like their country's health care system the way it is — run by big-profit insurance companies, big-profit doctors, big-profit drug companies and big-profit hospitals for only those who can afford it.
Half the bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical bills.
The US needs more politicians like Congressman Frank!


Anonymous said...

Social responsibility cannot be called communism.

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! what a man that Barney is,I love that he states it is a tribute to the 1st amendment that she can say such rubbish in a public place. I hope for Americans , including that rather deluded woman that their health system has major reform .... does she think Australians are nazis with their health systems and very cheap by comparison private health insurance.