Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Getting there
This is the side I'm cutting ...
... and this is how it will look.
I have to be careful not to prune as I go. Or clip wings — as I think I may have done to the topmost bird. .. oh well!
Listening to One Giant Leap — and finding it hard to keep still to some of the tracks.
Reading, after hearing Shelley talk about it, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet (A Novel), by Reif Larsen. And loving it so far.
Watching 30 Rock, Time Team, and the DVD set of the entire BBC adaptation of Mrs Gaskell's North and South, bought for me by my excellent husband.
Off now to cook a Thai fish curry. Or at least, a Thai-style fish curry.
:: Why are so few of you blogging (ignoring that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black)? Are you all bloody well twittering?
Snap out of it!


Anonymous said...

Twitter is the dark side and we have all joined. Laziness? Speed of reply? Who know...

Papercut is sooooo clever.

Laura Jane said...

Yes Maam, message received and understood, I have no plans to join the dark side.

The papercut is looking brilliant!

And I have started North and South. I didn't realise that she had written Cranford, which I LOVED! I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Thanks so much for dropping by today, it was a big help


Natalie said...

The papercut project is gorgeous! I love it.
Whose Twittering?! We went to Summer Pops last week and two women gabbed and Twittered the entire night... I wanted to toss their phones in the harbor!
Loved Conan O'Brien joke about huge merger of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook... giant time wasting site to be called: *You Twit Face*
Speaking of which I need to check my Facebook page... hahaha

victoria said...

I am so impressed - it looks GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to see the next oneyou come up with after this (no pressure!).. Also, looks like a lot of fun apart from the risk of cutting your hand.
I willl never twitter I'm sure. I have used up my image allowance on my blog so have started a new one. Will let you know when I feel that it's worthy of announcing!

Jennifer said...

I just adore your papercutting work; absolutely positively gorgeous. I already sent you links to the papercut artists I like, didn't I?

I've been taking sort of a summer attitude toward my blog, with a hope to get more into it again in the fall. FB gets me because it's SO quick and easy, and I feel no pressure to say. something. important. I worry lately that my blog is somehow not capturing anything worth stating, although I think that's a natural part of the blogging cycle....