Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Thought I'd try my hand at some more papercut pictures.
Working in black this time, as you can see, so I have to sit outside where the light is sunny and warm. It's a slightly bigger version of this one that I made last year. Only without the name.
I made a pact with myself that I'd never do anything that featured owls, bambi-deer, or robots, as they are everywhere at the moment. There are lots of birdies, too, but at least mine are up a tree!
At the art store yesterday, I found a fantastic knife that has a tiny blade that swivels, making it a lot easier to cut accurate and smooth curves and circles.
I also found a two-kilo pack of paper clay, so when the light's not so good, I can get cracking with more angels. At long last!


Sunny Road said...

Wow they are very impressive! What art store did you get your blade from? I have a friend doing some work cutting curves in paper and she's looking for a good knife.

Lesley said...

I got the knife at Jackson's (sound of spitting!). I normally hate going there, and even more buying stuff, but just happened to be there the other day with my son who is at art school. It's the one near the TAFE art and design school, on Beaufort St near the Aberdeen St corner.
Other than that I use a standard scalpel, or Exacto knife. But cutting curves has always been a bit wonky!