Monday, 22 February 2010

Give, give, give-away!
Don't forget to leave a comment for my third anniversay blog give-away extravaganza. You have until stumps tomorrow — Tuesday the 23rd. I will post anywhere, and I know I have a reader or two overseas, so please de-lurk and leave me a comment!
:: I've been printing on linen — I love the look.
It takes all colours well, and these simple block-print shapes do look good on it.
:: I'm occasionally watching the Vancouver Olympics with the sound turned off — the inane commentary drives me round the bend. Especially when there's an Australian competitor. All that "With fear in his belly and pride in his heart" hyperbole makes me gag.
I am looking forward to the ice-skating — though if there was an option so you could watch with the music and no commentary, that'd suit me much better.
:: We are in for a horrible, hot week in Perth, with even a 40-degree day forecast. I can't wait until I feel that little bit of cool that signifies the start of autumn — another four to six weeks maybe.
Fortunately we have another weekend at the bay lined up — and it's a long weekend as well, pretty cool!


Fairlie said...

Maybe with a bit of pre-comp research you could have the appropriate CDs ready to pop on as each ice-skater glides onto the ice??

It may not be the perfect plan...but it would sure beat any chance that even a word of Eddie's commentary would soil your ears.

Theresa said...

Beautiful prints!

Natalie said...

The prints look like they are fun to make. They are pretty too.

I would love a *hold the blabber* version of Olympic coverage.

Laura Jane said...

Ooh the prints are looking great!

How is it possible that you have only been blogging for 3 years? HOW?

I have clear memories of reading your blog entries as a teenager, no?

Anyway....happy blogiversary best friend!!!!

Lesley said...

Laura: That's because you were a teenager so very recently, n'est-ce pas?

Everyone: Thank you so much for all these comments! I'm having fun deciding what to give away ...

victoria said...

Missed the giveaway!! Happy blogiversary to you.
I really like that design in blue on the linen - it glows.