Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I did the draw this morning in the spirit of the Winter Olympics — impartial judging, all's equal, no unfair advantages and all that.
I'm so chuffed so many of you entered — thank you so much!
As it's Chapter III's third anniversary, it's only right to have three give-aways.
The winners are:
Emily (Mousy Brown's House), Suse (Pea Soup) and Sarah (A Devoted Reader) — please email me (lzampatti at gmail dot com) with your addresses and I'll get your prezzies off to you.
:: Is anyone else noticing patchy behaviour from the Bloglines feed? It seems to be updating randomly, and completely missing out new posts on some blogs until there are suddenly six or seven posts to catch up on. Weird.
:: The speed-skating was on in the background as I did the draw, and I heard our silly Australian commentator say emotionally, as the mega-thighed blokes sped to the finish line: "It's like writing poetry ... it's like watching Shakespeare write."
I've hit the mute button again.
Ice-dancing later! Yay!
:: I'm off to work this arvo. When I get home, at about 11pm, David is always waiting up for me. We have a cup of tea, and as I'm usually buzzing and w-i-d-e awake from work, and knackered all at the same time, we watch American Idol, which the telly records for us. Love, love, love it!


Anonymous said...

HI Lesley ,
Well done with the draw and congrats to the lucky winners. I am still laughing to my self about the comments on the Olympics re Shakespeare, if Roy and H.G. said something like that you would think they had lost it. Also I am with Laura where do you find out about these a-long events, now that you have had a give away you will need to launch your own a-long event , think about that, while you are floating in the ocean at the bay over the weekend. Cheers, Shelley.

Mousy Brown said...

Oh wow - how exciting - Thank you - I will email you now!!!!

Natalie said...

Congratulations winners.

Lesley... is there still life at Bondi? I just peeked at the website and was happy to discover fresh content. I will be thrilled to know there is still hope of your returning to So Cal, and having your lovely place going strong.

andamento said...

Congrats to the winners, lucky things!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! (I miss Roy and HG, loved the olympic coverage from them).