Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Morning tea
How civilised!
And what a treat to take tea on the terrace in my best friend Shelley's exquisite garden, where everything is just so beautiful it's like a work of art, though far more comfortable and relaxed than that sounds.
It is a hide-away of dappled light, dramatic steps from one level to another, and little nooks and crannies with pots and flowers and sculpture — and the most amazingly healthy plants that are clearly flourishing just by being there.
When I grow up, I want to create a garden just like it!
My best friends Laura and Jane were there too, and Jane brought one of her amazing quilt tops to show us.
Like many of her wonderful quilts, this is made entirely from kimono fabric — stunning.
Back home, I was just in time for a visit from baby Harper and her big brother in his Year 1 school uniform and showing off his smart back-to-school haircut.
As they were leaving, my best friend Damien arrived for dinner, and by the time that was all done the three of us raced off to the movies.
We saw Up in the Air. It's brilliant, with fabulous performances from all three leads, all of whom have Oscar nominations. I loved it ... though it did briefly make me feel strangely nostalgic for American airports!


Laura Jane said...

Wasn't our tea and fruitcake session lovely? It was JUST what I needed.

I'm inspired by each of you

Natalie said...

That sounds like a month's worth of fun packed in to a day... fabulous.

Barbara said...

Those tea cups are exquisite (and your new studio has such a nice wide window sill, doesn't it?
Thanks for the film recommendation too!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was a lovely day and I really enjoyed it. Lets do again and again. Marie is really reigning supreme in her new position , I am thrilled. Shelley

M said...

LOVE the tea cups.