Friday, 19 February 2010

It's smooth to cut — and very therapeutic — but this brand of rubber is a bit crumbly, so getting sharp edges and lines is not easy.
These are just doodles really, and I'm hoping they'll print up well on some linen and cottons. Then I fancy quilting them a bit and seeing what eventuates.
:: I have three crochet thingies on the go, but I'm about to start knitting another string bag for the String-a-Long 2010, dreamed up by Emily in Wales. The button on the right should take you to the flickr group, if I've managed it correctly! And on Emily's blog there's a list of free string-bag patterns to inspire.
I found some fab cotton in Spotto this morning, and bought enough for two.
I shall be knitting Elisa's Nest tote from Purl Bee — looking forward to it!
:: My three-year blogging anniversary falls next week. I've never done a bloggy give-away before (too scared of rejection — not enough readers — what if no-one wants anything? — bla bla bla), but this year I'm biting the bullet.
Because I'd like to give something nice to some of you lovely people who drop by here, regularly or otherwise, as my way of saying thanks.
So if you'd like to be in a draw for something from me (and you can hint as to what that might be, if you like), just leave me a comment between now and the end of Feb 22.


Natalie said...


I keep seeing crocheted squares everywhere and yours are pushing me to jump in. What are you using? Wool? A blend?

Congratulations on three years of blogging.

Anonymous said...

I love the stamp that looks like an orange slice with five little seeds in it!

Fairlie said...

Those rubber stamps are great. And the rough edges add to the look.

Having just cut out fur frogs in glittery green card (don't ask)...I totally admire your cutting patience.

Fairlie said...

That should have been FOUR frogs. What the heck are FUR frogs???

And...congrats on sticking with the blog for three years!

Anonymous said...

Three years? Very well done, I am impressed. Congrats! xx

Barbara said...

Beautiful crochet, Lesley, and three years of blogging is amazing ...

Karen said...

Les, I've loved reading your blog for three years! It was great to feel part of your US adventure through your well observed and expressed insights, and it's still a treat to see your gorgeous crafty stuff now you're back where you belong.

Suse said...

Happy blogiversary!

Can you tell me where you get your rubber for stamps? I was over at Shula's house (Poppalina) the other day and she asked me if I knew about stamping sources. (I didn't).

Mousy Brown said...

I am very excited that you are joining us from all the way over there! Thanks for spreading the news and for the new link (I have put it up on the sidebar! I am new to your blog but I promise to keep coming back - can I have a go in your giveaway too please? Emily xx

andamento said...

I feel it's a little cheeky having only visited today for the first time, but I'd like to join in too!

Lovely stamps and gorgeous crochet. I've just started another round crochet cushion for my daughter - it allows me to use lots of gorgeous colours that wouldn't look right in the living room. I find it rather addictive - the house clean has been pushed down the list again, this time by crochet instead of bike riding - or is it perhaps that I just don't really like cleaning, hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,
That is quite an achievement - 3 years blogging and I have enjoyed it so much , the linen printing looks fantastic, well done. Shelley

Laura Jane said...

where do you find out about all these x-alongs?

I am so busy these days but feel if I had a little project to x-along with I wouldn't feel so craft deprived (whine, whine)

I love those granny squares, the colours!

Lesley said...

Wow! Twelve comments - that's a record for little ol' moi! Thanks so much!
And you lovely newcomers are SO welcome, and of course you can be in the draw — just so long as you come back again!