Monday, 1 February 2010

A room of one's own
How sweet it feels! I've taken over the spare room. My need is greater.
The view of next-door's gas water heater is not the best, but I'll soon hide it with paper cuts and odds and ends.
That's my remarkable and trusty almost 40-year-old Bernina in its new home, ready for a few more decades yet.
:: Sad to learn of Kate McGarrigle's death on January 18. My David shed a tear or two this morning when he found out.


victoria said...

Excellent! I think a papercut covered window will be very nice too. p.s. Gorgeous photo of the new bub.

Anonymous said...

HI Lesley,

That really is a room with a purpose.

Laura Jane said...

Oh YES!!! I can see many a happy hour / week / month spent in there!