Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stringing along
I've started my string-a-long bag.
It's a quick knitting project, and I'm already crocheting the sides together ready to attach the knit-on i-cord handles.
I knitted it here over the long weekend — and yesterday, the deeper parts of the sea were the same colour as my yarn.
And how we enjoyed the weekend's full moon, which rose directly in front of the house and treated us to such a beautiful light show over the bay.
We felt so lucky to get away as the city sweltered all weekend and the news bulletins were all about temperatures in the 40s (40C is 104F) and how this has been Perth's hottest summer for more than 30 years. Phew!


Mousy Brown said...

That looks great - I think I might try that pattern next! :D

Barbara said...

Your turquoise bag is looking wonderful and is way smarter than the "string bags" my great-aunts had for their shopping!

Jude said...

Funny how different the bags look, mine(same pattern) is much tighter, so much smaller..I like it though..well done!
I'm working away from home at the moment so find it impossible to download photos..but I will catch up soon..
Take care
ps...think it's a strange time for weather all over the in Crete we've had an extremely dry and hot winter, usually we have rain and cold spells during Feb and March,,not this year, we have 26 degrees today and a wind from the Sahara so everything is covered in a yellow dust