Saturday, 6 March 2010

Happy Days
Will and I were going through our old photo albums looking at pics of Fonzie, and at the risk of being maudlin, I thought I'd show a few pics of Fonz in his heyday — which was just about all his life!
He got his name because Simon reckoned his markings looked as though he had a black leather jacket over a white shirt, just like the Fonz in Happy Days.
Fonz was part Staffie, part rottweiler, part ridgeback and part bull terrier.
He was extremely handsome.
And Fonz was included in every important occasion.
I had his birth-year wrong — this pic below, taken when Simon had just picked Fonzie up and brought him home, was dated December 1994. Simon was just eighteen and loved that dog from day one ...
... to the last.


Laura Jane said...

Oh Les! Thanks for those photos, the first one is especially fine.

Until you put the last photo of Simon and Fonzie up I would have assumed that the second last photo was of Will, but of course he was a lot smaller in 1994! Puppy Fonzie was enormously sweet.


Anonymous said...

Dog perfection.