Friday, 12 March 2010

Big foot
More baby stuff. Sorry!
My gorgeous hairdresser and best friend, Maggie, gave me a pile of brilliant old sewing and knitting pattern books.
Among them is a beauty from the Australian Women's Weekly of 1969, with knitting patterns for layettes and cardies and even coats and dresses for toddlers.
Everything in it calls for 3-ply Bri-Nylon, pictured in pink, cream, pale blue or white.
I thought I'd give one of the patterns a whirl, using much more wearable and attractive 3-ply 100 per cent Australian wool, in lovely bright colours.
The pattern was excellent — not just in that it was easy, but also in that the shoe just fell into shape, even knitting it on two needles instead of in the round. Knit, knit, knit and then sew up under the foot and up the back.
I jazzed up the ribbon, but thought this might be a lot better with some of that knit-in elastic around the ankle, so it'll stay on a baby's foot without having to faff about with ribbons that can be tied too tight.

:: It's horrible here today. The temperature got to 40.4 (104.7 F) around lunchtime. Last night we had the hottest overnight minimum in 48 years, with 28 (82.4). Thank goodness for refrigeration ...


Anonymous said...

Three ply! That's some teeny, tiny wool!

Hope a cool breeze blows your way very soon.

Rattling On said...

Love the bootee! When I lived in Moscow we had a summer like that, with temps of 40C in the day. I was looking after a friend's dog and walking it at midnight when it was *only* 28C. We didn't have aircon...

Barbara said...

Such a sweet bootee ... Old patterns are so sensible. Hope your weather stays livable, only 30 here today, quite cool!