Monday, 15 March 2010

Here's a link to today's New York Times article about blogging's apparent transition from a cultural to a commercial force:

:: Oh joy of joys — we have a week with maximum daily
temperatures in the high 20s.
And there's the odd flash of red and yellow
in my neighbour's beautiful Chinese tallow tree,
which I can see from my kitchen window.


Fairlie said...

Interesting article!

You've been having some seriously hot weather over there.

Anonymous said...

Good article, I have noticed lately that a lot of blogs I read have become over run with ads, giveaways, plugs for holiday venues etc etc and the blog content is dropping away , along with my interest ... Iam sure the life insurance ads will follow just like pay t.v and then you think, I should not be looking at T.V. or a blog because I could be dead soon, better get out get some more insurance!

Sarah said...

Hi Lesley, just stopped by to say thank you as your giveway prize arrived and made my day today!

The chocolate will be gone in no time and the apron is beautiful.