Friday, 2 April 2010

I've been on another planet

Sorry for the big gap in posting.
I've been working quite a bit at the paper and will be acting-editor next week while Sir is away on a week's well-earned break.
Also, my best friend, Jane, and I have been unofficially but very happily signed up to create pieces for a shop in Subiaco. It's an old shop that has been sold to a new and lovely owner who intends to renovate it and re-open soon selling gift lovelies for baby showers.
So we've been up to our eyes in doing and making.
I will get some pics organised really soon.
I've made three gorgeous tote bags for mums and babies, I have a few papercut pic designs on the boil, and have just discovered how much fun it is to make bears. Little ones out of bits of felt and Liberty cottons.
The one on the left is a bit too wonky — I made him out of handmade felt I bought at a fair in San Diego, and it's way too thick for this size bear. The other one is my first okay/good one, and neither of them has a mouth or proper eyes yet. I just stuck pins in to test their expressions. They are my DLBs (dear little bears).
Making them is totally and compellingly addictive.
:: I hope you all have a fabulous Easter and drive very carefully.
See you all real soon.


Theresa said...

Very cute

Jennifer said...

sounds like fulfilling, fun, creative things to be busy with -- hurrah for all that! love the bears and am looking forward to seeing how these come along.

Sarah said...

They're so sweet!

Happy Easter Lesely.

Laura Jane said...

DLBs - what a great name for them Lesley!

They are quite fun to make eh?

Barbara said...

How exciting and flattering to be asked to make things for a shop! and I just love the dear little bears ...

Mousy Brown said...

Sounds like that other planet has been good fun - I love the bears, can't wait to see the rest of the stuff! :D

DrChopSuey said...

They are adorable!!