Friday, 9 April 2010

Twenty-seven years
It's our wedding anniversary today.
We got married in the backyard of David's old family rancho in Dalkeith.
David was working with rock bands and some of his roadie mates descended on the garden and wired up the jacaranda with pink spotlights which were really flattering!
It rained — which my Latvian best friend Dace said meant good luck.
And it has been.
We've known each other 38 years.
David set the date of our wedding, which is the day before his birthday, so he would never forget it, but we have rarely celebrated our anniversary with more than the odd card.
The big one was our 25th, our silver, which we celebrated with a 10-day trip to Washington DC and New York. On the day, there was real, actual, bling which took my breath away, and a big bouquet (that's it above), and a wonderful, wonderful dinner with best friends in a chic little Italian restaurant. Dreamy.
We've had so much fun in our 38 years. Had two kids of our own and raised three, seen them grow up and spread their wings. We lived in the same rambly old house for almost quarter of a century, went around the world a few times, made a fortune and lost it — but most importantly, we have loved and been loved by a whole host of incredibly dear friends. And, sadly, we've said goodbye to some of them way too soon.
I'm looking forward to the next few decades!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous post. And congratulations! xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your milestone. Seems to me that your lives otgether have been as they should be - some ups, some downs, but worth every minute. Who could ask for more than that?

Anonymous said...

To Lesley and David, Congratulations to you both on a wonderful achievement All that loved up happiness is all we need.
Love Shelley

Sylvie said...

Congratulations. Being in love is fantastic. Wishing you 25 + 25 more filled with happiness.
( found you blogspot via you FB page ).

M said...

Happy Anniversary!

Here's to the next 27!

andamento said...

Congratulations! Lovely post summing up a little of your time together. Happy Anniversary, and may there be many more!

Sarah said...

Congratulations to you both!

Laura Jane said...

Awww, such a sweet post! Happy anniversary you two, such a strong couple, I just know there's another 27 years earmarked for you both, and I hope I'm around to see it!

Its our 25th this year (next month!!!) HEAVENS!

Happy birthday to Dave for tomorrow - I hope the Dockers come through for him again!!!

Barbara said...

Such a heartwarming post, Lesley, Best Wishes to you both and thank you for sharing.

Mousy Brown said...

Sorry I'm so late but - congratulations!!! 27 years is brilliant but 38 is amazing...heres to many more xxx

Jennifer said...

So beautiful, and how happy I am for both of you. What an adventure you've had and what wonders lie ahead.... A champagne toast to you.