Thursday, 8 April 2010

Been working
And oh! What a shock to this poor old Boomer's system it's been working late and starting early.
Loved it, too.
Though I was writing headlines in my sleep last night!
This morning, I was reading the page proofs and almost choked over this quote from a reported interview with someone aspiring to the clerical stratosphere of local government: "You've got to get behind the troops. You've got to be supportive and lead from the front."
Thank god for the red pen.
I don't know how Sir does it, week in week out. On top of dealing with the business side of things, being constantly alert for potential legal bloopers, dealing with the loony callers, sifting through the hundreds of emails, and keeping the staff happy.
He really earns his holidays.


Laura Jane said...

Dear Madame Editor

I am exceptionally glad you shot that 'lead from the front/behind' nonsense down in flames!


A satisfied reader, who needs a play-date later next week.

Fairlie said...

Dear Editor

I am off to read this week's online version now I know you're in charge this week!

Former Regular Reader...who now reads only occasionally online.

victoria said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, and also on the new shop making thing!