Thursday, 29 April 2010

To bed
That's the paper today, and me very early tonight. With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — loving it.
It was a big week at work, with a monster paper — biggest issue for a non-Christmas week — and one sub-editor on holiday and one of our clever graphic designers now working somewhere else.
So it was frantic at times.
Like a couple of the reporters, I worked 13 hours yesterday, and even after I went home, Sir and the production team stayed on until after midnight.
Anyway - no more until Monday.
(I got to interview Wil Anderson today. Being boss of the yartz does have its perks!)


Anonymous said...

Did you mention to Wil that I love him???

Lesley said...

Funnily enough, I did mention that my friend Tracey in FNQ thought he was roolly hot and roolly cool all at the same time ...

jane said...

Sounds like a crazy crazy week - enjoy your downtime with a book, sounds like you've earned it!

Isabelle said...

Just had to pop over from Fairlie to see who joins me in my hatred of inappropriate apostrophes in "its".

Like the dolly!

And that looks like nice weather. Here in Edinburgh today it looks tempting but it's a bit nippy.