Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Still here
Even if I'm not posting often at all.
I am having a brilliant time with the arts.
I have talked to artists, visited them in their studios, interviewed actors, and been invited to all sorts of shows and openings.
It's finally cold here at nights, so with this extra tiredness from working all day, I'm sleeping like a log. Whenever the temperature falls below 10 C (50 F), I sleep incredibly soundly, with hardly a disturbance all night. And I've finally broken in a fabulous, luxurious, deep down pillow that makes me go mmmmmmm .... Ooh, bed is so good!
And my Dave is looking after me so well, with dinner ready every night. I'm a lucky doer.
I go to bed early with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'm a late starter, and I know many of you will have read this already — so I am curious: how are the other two books in the Millennium series? Do tell me if you've read them.
Don't forget Mothers' Day on Sunday ...


Barbara said...

How wonderful to meet all those creative people in their studios (and have it be called work!) Also love feather pillows ...

Anonymous said...

Come back when you are done, I miss you! x