Sunday, 9 May 2010

Don't have much time or eyesight to do a lot in my lovely room at the mo.
The DLBs are all quietly slumbering on the bookshelf and waiting for faces.
So, too, is the doll; though truth be told, in a sort of perverse existentialist affectation, she actually revels in the identity-lessness.
Diabolical bunny (above) is still in limbo while we try to decide if a bit of trans-species surgery (ie, cutting his long bunny ears to short round ones) would meet his inner need to be a bear and help him with his issues.
Granny rug is assuming that one day she will be bigger than a hand-towel so she can be truly useful and keep something warm.
The papercuts are filed in the flat and the dark, where the cow is perpetually jumping over the moon and wants to complain but can't because I haven't cut up to her yet.
So while I've been working at the paper, I've turned my back on all these loud, needy creatures and got on with a quilt. Peace and quiet.
It's a whole-cloth cot quilt. Very manageable size. No piecing or fiddling required. Just occasional mindless sewing up and down with the walking foot on the mighty Bernina.
The top is a Japanese Kokka cotton in bright cheery stripes, the other side a fabulous polka-dot cotton in a goes-with-anything ochre-yellow that I found for two bucks a metre in Albany's brand-new and huge Spotto store.
I'm sewing on the binding while I watch the footy on the telly (you bewdy, Dockers!)
I couldn't find anywhere on the interwebs that would make me the sort of sew-in labels I was looking for, so I've sewn my own.
:: David came home on Friday, a day early, and all is again right with the world. I'm cooking a big bold chicken curry in the slow-cooker to take to David's mum's for dinner tonight, and shortly all my kids will descend on me to make me lunch.
Happy day to all you mothers.
Love from me


andamento said...

I like the look of the fabric you're using on the top of your quilt, will we get more pics once it's finished?

Anonymous said...

Whole quilt looks fabulous - as does your label.

Jennifer said...

Happy mother's day to you -- so much goodness going on there! And I love the bunny, just as he is....

Mousy Brown said...

Happy Mothers Day! Hope you enjoyed your time with family and curry! I love diabolical bunny - in fact if it makes it easier on the giveaway front, I know somewhere he would be treasured! (ignore that if I am being too greedy - it was more to make the point!) Love the quilt too - but I know thats too greedy LOL Take care Em xxx

Barbara said...

Your binding looks so very neat and the little bunny/bear is cute ... Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Laura Jane said...

Its all looking lovely, love the Japanese print and the backing is a super fabric.

I LOVE the DLB pictured. Are you sure he wants to be a bear? Did he ask for species reassignment surgery in a special whisper?

I am listening to the CD you made for me, thanks so much!!! What a fascinating collection, bless you BFF x

victoria said...

Oh I like that bunny a lot, something about the face and the texture. Congratulations on the mural opportunity - so cool!