Friday, 28 May 2010

Onya, Lee!
The dear boy won it!
Just a few months ago, he was a clerk in a paint store in the suburbs of Chicago.
Last night he was on stage with Joe Cocker (and a heap of startling old has-beens who didn't do half as well as our Joe, but we won't go there - though we will just say that it made a mockery of the judges' constant advice to the contestants to 'be contemporary' and 'try to avoid sounding like someone singing karaoke in a seedy cabaret').
Just seconds before Ryan announced the winner, Lee went red and doubled over, and we thought he was going to throw up! Same straight after the announcement (pictured above) - the teary-eyed, disbelieving stunned mullet!
I have been a complete sucker for this show.
The thought that I could watch it when I got home late on Wednesday nights jokingly sustained me through a few hours of laying out the paper: I knew David, my trusty old Jason recliner and a hot cup of tea would be at home waiting for me. And there could be no more perfect program to unwind to after work so I could actually get to sleep on Wednesday nights!
Now it's all done. Oh well - telly will provide!

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Fairlie said...

What the good telly provideth, the good telly taketh away.

That's the problem with these reality shows - you get all emotionally invested only to have them end.