Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's been chucking it down all day - wonderful.
I finished my stint as arts writer at the paper today, though I'll need to go in to work tomorrow just to tidy up the desk, ditch all the dead emails, tag all the good ones, write up a couple of stories I have still in note form and generally have things sorted for when my colleague returns.
:: I made a quilt last weekend, for a baby of one of Lily's old school friends.
:: Off to see Waiting for Godot tomorrow night. And I'm excited to see that the movie of The G with the DT is on for a return season at a local cinema, so I'll have to see that. Going to the movies on Sunday with my best friend Shelley, to see Mother and Child.
:: Right now I'm in my tracky-daks, getting ready for the final countdown on American Idol. We had the grand finale last night and my favourite, Lee, with the sparkly eyes, didn't do so well as Crystal, the lovely, dreadlocked indie singer with the superb voice. I think she'll win.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're in your trakkies, I'm in my flannies - glamourous lives, both of us!

Fairlie said...

When it rains in the West it really rains!

Will be interested to read what you think of the movie of The Girl with...

Anonymous said...

Yes wasn't that rain fantastic, still love the rainy days.Idol update didn't your fav win Idol! Shelley