Tuesday, 27 April 2010

In my comfies ...
... after day one at work.
But what about those flars?
Amazing huh? Shelley brought them to book club yesterday, as she was rostered to make the presentation to our Invited Guest Speaker. But JM Coetzee didn't show, so I got them!
The mauvey-silver gorgeousness is ornamental kale — just stunning.
They remind me of my Dad, who is not a flower person by any stretch of the imagination, and always called mum's roses "coloured cabbages".
It's actually the other way round here, Dad!
:: I am a little bit tired after being arts poo-bah at work. It's a short week, after yesterday's Anzac Day Monday holiday, and tomorrow I have to finish off the arts section and then do my regular Wednesday night job — and it's a ginormous 120-page paper. So tonight I'm feeling pooped in advance, just thinking about tomorrow!
All good fun, though.
And I had a surprise today when our receptionist came and told me someone was waiting for me out the front. I grabbed my notebook and pen and hustled out there ... only to find it was my best friend Shelley with her gorgeous husband Wayne, calling in for a quick hello with a bundle of books. Yay!


Anonymous said...

The 'flars' are amazing, really. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Really? Are they really kale? That's amazing.

Mousy Brown said...

What lovely coloured cabbages! I just finished a full day at work followed by piano lessons and kyacking (the boys not me!) and off to work agin tomorrow so I empathise with your poopedness completely - sounds like you are having fun though - keep enjoying! :D

Rattling On said...

They are gorgeous, lucky you.

Fairlie said...

Now, if Coetzee had realised those flars were on offer...I'm SURE he would have shown.

jane said...

What gorgeous coloured cabbages! I can't believe that's kale!
Visitors bearing books are more or less the best sort... (ok, visitors bearing cake might just triumph some of the time....)