Sunday, 7 March 2010

Today ...
... I spent hours and hours and hours working out how to make this one little baby shoe.
I'm not sure about the bow — but it needs a tie round the ankle and the ribbon was all I had to hand. It's a prototype, really. I'll use a different stitch when I sew the next one together so you can't see the stitches at the join.
Without the Suffolk puff and the mother-of-pearl button, it looked very much like one of Noddy's shoes, and I was almost tempted to find it a bell.
I also knit a teeny-tiny sock.

Five needles just a bit bigger than matchsticks and about 30 stitches — aaagh. I think it's easier to sew baby footwear.

:: I sincerely hope all my Melbourne friends are safe, dry and undamaged after the terrible storms. Never seen anything like it!


Anonymous said...

A lucky baby will wear those!

andamento said...

Lovely baby shoe, it's very grand!

Thank you for your kind comments on my photos. You are aware of course that I only post the nice bits (as most of us do I think!), there are plenty of not so nice bits here and we're at the mercy of the weather which can often be wet and miserable. Having said that, I wouldn't really want to live anywhere else, though it'd be quite exciting to up sticks and live somewhere completely different for a year - I admire your style!