Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dog of love
Nipper, our eleven-year-old blue heeler-cross, is usually not allowed on the settees. But he's known James and Dev since he was a pup, and, well, sometimes he's overcome with affection and he just forgets the rules.
:: Will's in Los Angeles with two friends, Trevor and Paul, for an Eagles of Death Metal concert (all ages) at the famous Roxy. The boys are staying in a suite at the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard, where, as Will very excitedly phoned to tell us an hour or so ago, the band is staying.
David says the Hyatt on Sunset has long been a rock-and-roll pub, once known as 'The Riot on Sunset', and many rooms still bear the scars ...
Will said they had already bumped into Jesse Hughes, the lead singer (whom Trevor knows and has played with), and they've all been invited to the afters party. Will is over the moon because his hero, Dave Grohl, from The Foo Fighters (originally in Nirvana), often hangs out at the Roxy, and is best mates with Jesse H. Fingers crossed!
This is all a Very Big Deal for our lad from Perth, and David and I are happy that he's not too cool to phone us and share the excitement.
It'll be back to real non-celeb life tomorrow morning when we pick Will up at the hotel to take him with us to Big Bear.

:: Off to the snow tomorrow, so I'll be off the air for a while. See you very soon, with lots of gorgeous pics, I hope.
In the meantime ... H A P P Y N E W Y E A R! I'll tell you my NY Resolutions when I'm back.

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Happy New Year to you too!