Sunday, 27 January 2008

Big night at the Bondi
Just have to brag a little about what a great few days we've had the Bondi. The popular ASR (Action Sports Retail — surf shops, skate shops, etc) convention started on Thursday, and while Thursday night was good for us, by Friday night, Bondi was definitely the place to be. Especially as we had an LA band, HyperCrush, performing.
We had 500 people inside, and a queue of about the same waiting to get in. So popular were we that we were also visited by the police, the fire department, Vice and Health, all of whom left reasonably happy after issuing the odd warning, noticeably about overcrowding. It turns out that people were jumping our front porch balustrade to get in. Astounding.
The convention finishes tomorrow, but we don't think tonight will be quite as frenzied.
After the doldrums of December and early January, it's such a relief to pull a crowd again.

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