Sunday, 13 January 2008

Twenty-odd views of my WillLike Mt Fuji, inspiration — obliquely — for this post title, Will has grown so tall in the past year that he rises above us all. Even his 1.8m (6' 2") dad.
It's his eighteenth birthday today.
Happy birthday, Will!
It's an important day for an Australian: eighteen is the age of majority. At eighteen, you can sign contracts, vote, and generally assume the legal mantle of adulthood. It's also the age at which you can drink. And if we were in Australia today, Will would be taken for his first (legal) beer by his dad and elder brother and sister — and possibly his non-drinking mum, too.

Will's my last-born. My youngest. And, like Lily and Simon,
he's my favourite!

He's cool ...... and can be pretty weird sometimes ...

... and funny and smart.He's super-loaded with talent when it comes to art, with a great eye for design. And though he's often an unwilling subject for pictures ...
... it's quite another matter when he's taking them.

He's got just a couple of months left with all that tooth-straightening, jaw-correcting, bite-changing hardware in his mouth — though he hasn't once complained about it. Not once. Even when he had to have all four wisdom teeth out in one go.
He loves all animalsespecially Yoshi, his dog.And, since he's been a teenager for a few years now, he's got napping down to a fine art.
He loves living in California ... and seeing various bits of this amazing country,
but he'll always love Perth best.


Lazy cow said...

I LOVE seeing complimentary posts about teenage boys. Especially ones named Will (my son's name). So I know it's not all going to be bad!!
Happy birthday to your boy/man. He looks like a lot of fun.

Natalie said...

1. Happy Birthday Will!
2. Pictures are not appearing... arghh.

Jennifer said...

Oh how magnificent! What a lovely, lovely post, and what an utterly wonderful son! I hope at some point you print it all out, maybe make it into a little book or something, and give it to him to keep forever and ever. My condolences to him about the ridiculousness of life in American where at 18 you are old enough to vote and to be shipped off to war but not old enough to go out for a celebratory beer.... But more importantly, happy, happy birthday!