Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Slumming it
So we're off to Los Angeles the weekend after next, to go to this gala dinner celebrating Australians in film. Ruby table. Black tie, bien sur.
So we all know what stick insects and social X-rays wear to these big Hollywood events. But what about the ample of bosom, belly and chins?
Well, in this neck of the woods, we could spend many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, very easily and quickly in any of the fabulous stores from Bloomingdales upwards.
And then again, we could also buy a fifteen-dollar pattern for something beautifully flowing and floating and Japanese in style, and a further forty dollars on four yards of stunning silk devore velvet, in a rich, warm chocolate brown with shimmery eau-de-nil details.
And we could spend a few pleasant afternoons listening to Pandora and sewing.
And then, when we've pulled it off, we could see about spending perhaps some of the money we were so very clever to have saved ... on the perfect pair of shoes.
What do you reckon?


Laura Jane said...

Gorgeous photos of the fabric Les.
And 'social x-rays' - what a term! Look forward to the finished product!

Lesley said...

Can't claim credit for the social X-rays, sadly! I think I pinched it from Tom Wolfe in 'Bonfire of the Vanities'. It's a scorcher, though, isn't it?

Natalie said...

Very exciting. I can't wait to hear the scoop and see your fabulous self in your original couture.

Jennifer said...

I'm imagining all the people you may see at such an event, and I'm imagining YOU turning heads as they think, "what a gorgeous, confident, REAL woman she is, and I wonder where she gets her clothes!?" I definitely believe that the $$ you'd save by putting together your own togs (and looking lovelier than anyone else) then becomes yours to spend as you'd like. What an exciting, delightful thing to have to look forward to and to report on in full detail (ahem!) to those of us who risk no chance of being invited to anything that requires more than "shirts and shoes must be worn."

Lazy cow said...

Oh, to be able to sew! Looking forward to seeing the dress made-up. Must dig out my battered copy of The Bonfire of the Vanities and see if it stands up to a reread.