Friday, 25 January 2008

Between showers
It never rains in Southern California — except this winter we're getting a treat. And it's wonderful — the air is fresh, the gardens are waterlogged, and the sky is full of drama. (Australian viewers, look away now — this kiddies' playground, above, has no shade whatsoever. Not even in summer, when it's full of kids. No wonder so many Californians need plastic surgery in their 30s!)

This tree at the park was full of little birds, all looking south. What did they know about?
We were out in the park between showers, walking the dogs. 'Let's do three times round,' I said.
'Well, we ought to do four, really,' David replied.
'Okay,' (trying to keep a straight face) 'Let's jog the last one!'
'Great! Shall I run home and get your weights?'


Natalie said...

And what did the dogs have to say about these ambitious plans of yours?
Isn't the lack of shade ridiculous? So, Australian playgrounds are shaded... that's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The sky WAS dramatic today!! I'm in Orange County and we got the loveliest rainbow a couple hours ago.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent post, I love the photo of the birds all facing the same direction, yes what do they know? I love dramatic skies, we had the best ever here yesterday asclouds swept in and snow started to fall.

Anonymous said...

If you're lacking in rain you can definitely have some of ours, we have enough and to spare in the UK at the moment.