Thursday, 24 January 2008

Workaday Wednesday
Which follows on, drearily, from Tidy-up Tuesday.
Such a drag. The downstairs was yesterday's target, and today I'm carrying on upstairs. God I hate housework. Especially the bathrooms. The baths have showers over them and sliding glass screens, which means that to clean the tubs you have to get in them.
Perhaps there's some very important drawing I could do instead ...
There are, let's face it, so very many other wonderful things I could be doing!
By lunchtime the whole house should be clean, and that'll do me for another (couple of) week(s) or so.

:: We're off adventuring next week. We're going to Palm Springs with Will next Monday, just for a look. Will — who has the Monday and Tuesday off school — is keen to check out the Joshua Tree National Park, and so are we.
Will has to be back on the Tuesday night for a Mars Volta concert at SOMA, a sports arena here in SD — the one where all the concert footage for the movie, Almost Famous, was filmed.
Then, on the Friday, Dave and I head for San Francisco, the Northern California coast and Oregon, for about a week all up. I can't wait!

:: We're so shocked by the news about our Heath Ledger. I'd only ever seen him in one film, Brokeback Mountain, but he was a Perth boy and, of course, we loved him. So very sad.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had a wall plate made with a quote from 'The Wind in the Willows' on it - Mole's 'Bother spring cleaning'. She hung it in a prominent place and contemplated it every time she felt tempted to to any tidying up. It usually convinced her there was something better she could be doing.

Karen said...

Vale Heath. I first saw him in "Two Hands", a weird and funny Australian movie. He played an incredibly dense naif - he was so good I wondered whether he were in fact incredibly dense. I don't think he was dense; on the contrary, he was incredibly talented.