Thursday, 1 November 2007

Have a great day ...

... and a sugar-encrusted night! I'll be getting my lolly collection all ready. No Tootsie Rolls this year - last year all the trick-or-treat kiddies picked around them and I had about a kilo left, which almost saw the year out - until Mighty Max arrived from Australia and worked his way through 'em like a hero!

:: The image above I have reproduced with kind permission of Hello! Lucky cards, of San Francisco, whose fantastic greeting cards I snaffle whenever I see them in Trios, my favourite design store in Solana Beach.

:: I'd show you the pumpkins Will and I carved last night, but he's stuck them on the roof and you can only get to them by climbing out of his window. In keeping with the understandable tension here about fires, we put little battery-powered lights in them, specially designed for Halloween pumpkins, that flicker and gutter like the real thing.
Isn't 'gutter' a great word in candle parlance? I like it and will go directly to look it up and discover where it's come from.

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