Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Fortuny socks

At least, I have it in my head that these are Fortuny colours. This is the first sock of a pair for my dad, who has a pair I knitted for him and has worn no other socks since, so I thought he'd better have some more. This is lovely wool from Australia, and very fine, so these should be okay for summer, and not too hot.

:: Feeling a bit cloistered at the moment: writing my novel (!) is taking a lot of my thinking time (hence the knitting) and a lot of my other time as well. So everything else is on hold. But it's coming along. As soon as I finish this I shall be back to it and the churning will begin.

:: Now that I am a novelist (!), my day has completely changed. In the morning, I walk the dogs, tidy the kitchen and then settle down at the computer. In the afternoon, when Will is home, I do all the domestic stuff. Well, when I say, 'all the domestic stuff', I sort of mean tidying up and maybe vacuuming, or folding the washing. Nothing too strenuous! I do so hate housework. Hate it.

:: Off to the Bondi tonight for another of our famous quiz nights. Dave had a call from someone connected to the Australian Navy last week, saying HMAS Sydney was on its way to San Diego and to be prepared for 50 to 70 Australian seamen who were all dead keen on taking part in a true blue Aussie quiz night. So much fun!


Felicia said...

Love the colors!

Natalie said...

Love the socks, and love that you are a Novelist! Keep writing. Keep knitting. I'll be back to see how all is going ;-)