Sunday, 11 November 2007

Back on track
Well, I managed about 2000 words yesterday on 'the novel', and, quite honestly chaps, I've no idea where I'm going with it.
My heroine started out all mousy and damaged and introspective. But now she's got a poisoned man staying with her (I still haven't given him a name) and, outside, in the sweet chestnut forest, she's just bumped into Massimo, from The Big House, who just loves getting his hands dirty. You see, he's just sidelined a great career (somewhere English-speaking) to return to the land of his ancestors and get elbow-deep again in Tuscan soil. Sigh.
And in so explaining, he hands our suddenly feisty (hate that word) heroine a simply fabulous, swollen, glossy, purple aubergine that, well, knocks her socks off! Or sets her mind reeling, or leaves her breathless. You get the picture.

Now, today's challenge is to get her to stop fondling the veggies and get back to the house and minister to the poor queasy fellow in her bed (she put him there for proximity to the loo; she's not in it with him, yet ...)
And who is she going to fancy more?
And should I, as I had intended, complicate matters even further by introducing Augusto, the urbane gallery owner from Rome, who wants to exhibit her squisito botanical watercolours (that will soon be turning very market-garden) in his fashionable little gallery somewhere near the Piazza Navona ... ?


Karen said...

Whoa Les, Massimo?!!! Look, sorry to break it to you, but I reckon ole Massimo must've slipped poor Sicco a poisoned melanzane - they're enemies from way back. Massimo may have grown up in Tuscany, but his nonno is from Sicily, if you get my drift. As for Augusto, haven't you heard he's gay???
But what's that I hear? Yep, it's a car in trouble, and who's that nice English chappie driving it? Knock me down, it's Colin Firth! Quick, offer him the use of a telephone, and while he's waiting for the mechanic, make him a cup of tea...
Lovin it Les, keep it up!

Natalie said...

Someone pour me a glass of wine... this is getting interesting.