Sunday, 25 November 2007

A new page, a new era: HOWARD HAS GONE! Woo-hoo! Wish I was home right now!


Karen said...

It's brilliant! But, curiouser and curiouser - Peter Costello has said he will not contest for the Liberal leadership. Watch Malcolm Turnbull make a run.
Interesting times - at last.

Laura Jane said...

We're doing the happy dance and were texting all our friends everywhere and celebrating. And the old buzzard even lost his own seat to a bright, smart, articulate go-getter. Onya Maxine!!! Have great retirement Mr Howard.

Oh Les we're ALL rejoicing big time. Both our kids voted this time and they are rapt at seeing a political change for the first time in their living memory! Patty rang us from a party and he was chuckling with delight!