Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My NaNo word count ...

... is a little over 18,400. And I'm sprinting - which involves writing in bursts of 20 minutes or so, interspersed with other activities. The 'plot' — and I use the term loosely! — is all over the place as a consequence, but hey! Quantity over quality.
I lost a half-day yesterday because David asked me to copy-edit some Bondi material. It was a pack for presenting to people wanting to book functions. Some of the dishes on the menu were a scream: grilled pork lion, chili muscles, and our favourite, snoked trout.
And you know what's weird? Do ya, huh? I've started to read The Historian (having abandoned the trashy Diana Gabaldon potboiler, Outlander, because it was so offensive and naff), and on about page 50 two Italian characters were introduced: Massimo and Giulia. And they live in Siena! Spooky kind of cosmic, huh?
I'm sounding so Californian all of a sudden ...

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Natalie said...

Like ya, you totally sound local... it's cool!
Happy Thanksgiving!
No chili muscles on our menu! lol