Wednesday, 25 November 2009

All done
Finished (with three or four leaves discreetly re-attached!) and framed this papercut, a wedding present for a young couple with a big old Victorian house.
It was a stroke of great luck that their initials were J and R, beautiful letters to play with, with those lovely long curvy tails ... though now I look at this pic, I think the J is a poofteenth higher than the R ...
Today's brand-new project is to make four aprons for my best friend Belinda, for her to give as Christmas prezzies. Brilliant!
:: Thank you for all the queries about what happened to the moth in my ear! I've had no symptoms, no deafness or irritation, so I'm assuming the moth has ... disappeared.


Laura Jane said...

Its STUNNING!!!!!!!

What a work of art! Dace will be thrilled!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow - The phone drama will be taken care of by others on Friday, so I will be with you bright and early as I have to pick someone up for lunch., and I forgot I had a commitment in the pm. Anyway, I'll play while I can!

Frogdancer said...

Oh wow. That is an absolute work of art.

Just stunning.

victoria said...

BRILLIANT!!!!! I think the two ferny parts draping down above each of the letters are my favorite part of this design.
I'm glad your ear is feeling okay too.

Jennifer said...

Good to get the moth update; I've been worrying! The papercut is, yet again, astonishing. My maiden-name initials are JR, but that's not why I love it so much!