Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Been working on this one for a while. It's to end up in a big old Victorian house in Mt Lawley, so I had to get the feel just right.
There have been a few leaves lopped (they'll be invisibly fixed with microscopic dots of acid-free rubber glue), and I nearly went blind doing the grapes, but on the whole I'm very happy with it — hope you are too, Dace!
:: Went to see Julie & Julia last night — loved it.
Amy Adams is brilliant as the younger, present-day character, blogger Julie Powell. And Meryl Streep is an absolute joy to watch in the role of Julia Child. Before all the hoo-ha about this film, I'd never heard of this cookbook writer, or seen her on TV. Now I'm curious to find out more, having watched Meryl's amazing performance of this enormous (she was over 1.8m tall), vivacious, life-loving woman with her excited whooping and yelping and drunk-looking delivery.
And it's so funny! Meryl must have been chuckling all through making the film.
I was equally touched by the very great affection between her and her shorter, balder husband. Such a lovely man! All in all, a really fun, interesting movie — with blogging in it to boot!


Natalie said...

Beautiful Lesley.
And I loved the movie too... the characters, the blog connection... it was all so fun and entertaining. Julia Child's story was endearing. I have since read "My Life In France," which was very interesting as a supplement to the movie.

Barbara said...

So glad to hear that you too loved this film Lesley. Must remember to wear pearls when next making boeuf bourgignon...The book is beautifully written too - I found my copy at the Op Shop and have read it three times.

victoria said...

That papercut is looking so good!!
Um, how did the moth finally come out of your ear? (sounds terrible!)