Thursday, 26 November 2009

Much excitement
Well, there have been great happenings here at Schloss Zed today.
To begin with, I received the quilt that I had sent Tracey in FNQ to quilt for me.
OMG: what a beautiful, careful job she has done. It's an all-over pattern of swirls and stars and it's just perfect!
It's no wonder Tracey is widely acclaimed and gets write-ups in magazines. Such a talent.
I'm so very happy with it, thank you, Tracey.
And thanks, too, for the squares of lovely fabric that I'll be able to incorporate into a quilt really soon.
Laura was her with me this morning when this parcel arrived, which was great fun — plus she was able to hold it up for a photo!
This is a swap Tracey and I organised a few weeks ago during one of our many Scrabble games on facebook, and in exchange I'll be making a papercut to send to her. Just brilliant.
This beautiful quilt will be bound and then packed off to Brighton, UK, for my cousin Samantha, who is expecting a baby at the end of January.

:: The other event of great excitement was an email telling me that Los Angeles artist and papercut exponent Elsa Mora had seen my work here and on flickr (you click on the link over on the right of the page) and had added me as a contact.
This is praise indeed — I was astonished.
I have lovely Laura to thank for this, as she emailed Elsa to tell her about my papercuts and got a lovely response, which she then forwarded to me.
Thanks, Laura — you are such a pal!

:: Hey hey hey it's Thanksgiving. I do hope all my American friends will (get through the day unscathed and calm, and) enjoy the most wonderful day with family and friends.
We are celebrating here tonight with turkey dinner for 14, two Americans among them.
Thinking of which, I'd better scoot ...


Anonymous said...

That quilting is beautiful... the whole thing is a masterpiece, you mut be so thrilled and proud!

Elsa Mora is indeed amazing - I have been coveting almost everything in her Etsy shop for a while now - that is so exciting for you!

Have a great thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks pretty damn fine! Funny to see it here after I had it in my hands just a few days ago.

Frogdancer said...

"Layra was her with me this morning..."

What? Who else is she?

Beautiful quilt top, and the quilting is sublime.

Frogdancer said...

And then I have to go and do a typo.

I'm only on my first cup of coffee. I'd better go get a refill.

Mousy Brown said...

Hi - I just came over from peppermint patcher, you are sooo talented at so many things! I have just started papper cutting and love it - I will definately be coming back for inspiration :D